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Homecoming Court

Use this link to cast your vote today, Oct 11th at the start of 5th period for homecoming court:

 Homecoming Court Ballot

To vote you must be signed into your account and you can only vote once.

Student Government

2019/20 asb OFFICERS
Associated Student Body (ASB) Officers
ASB President:  Catelyn Reynolds
ASB Vice President:  Jordan O'Brien
ASB Secretary:  Will Lansdown
ASB Treasurer:  Maddie Menchaca
ASB Activities:  Skylar Kuo
ASB Rally:  Robbie Hall
ASB Media:  Patrick Goodrich
ASB Community Service:  Molly Abroms
ASB Publications:  Carson McElrone
ASB Athletics:  Ashley Lewis
ASB Communications:  Jeremy Goodrich
ASB Academics:  Carolyn Burnett
ASB Outreach:  Alexis Trefethen

Senior Class of 2020

President:  Ellie Newberg

Vice President:  Paris Jones

Secretary:  Bryce Gunderson

Treasurer:  Brody Affolter

Representative:   TBA

Junior Class of 2021

President:  Nate Buckholdt

Vice President:  Emma Kang

Secretary:  Ella Scromm

Treasurer:  Nicole Christensen

Representatives:   TBA

Sophomore Class of 2022

President:  Kaitlin Imai

Vice President:  Olivia Kang

Secretary:  Hannah Bellavance

Treasurer:  Addy Hulme

Representatives:   TBA

Freshmen Class of 2023 

President:  Stella Peuse

Vice President:  Ryan Hall

Secretary:  Ryan Lansdowne

Treasurer:  Colby Trefethen