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Cheer Team

Cheer Team

The Cheer Team at SVHS is a year long, structured program focusing on cheer motions, jumps, technique, stunting, tumbling and dance performances. Cheerleaders participate in both football and basketball games, half-time performances, school spirit rallies and other community events through the school year. 

Our season runs June through March (tryouts are usually held in April and fundraising begins shortly after that), allowing girls to participate in Spring sports, such as track & field or swim team.

Our primary mode of communication with the team and parents is through our team Shutterfly page,  where we send emails and provide practice and game schedules.


Cheer Coach
Madilynn Smith

Assistant Coach
Jasmine Montgomery


2019/20 Team Roster

Anabel Barrett, 11th

Alissa Anderson, 11th

Ananda Green, 9th

Alyssa Rebbert, 9th

Alexis Weightman, 11th

Elizabeth Parker, 10th

Jaden Fenn, 9th

Kayla Schoenbeck, 12th

Lily Calvert, 10th

Lillian Thorington, 12th

Laney Vokos, 11th

Marissa Behanna, 9th

Mady Loncarich, 9th

Melayna Lopez, 10th

Melina Oseguera, 10th

Michelle Uribe, 9th

Nicole Delgadillo,11th

Noa Hirshbein, 10th

Sophia Testagrossa, 9th

Sophia Vossos, 11th